Saturday, November 06, 2010


1 Nov- 4 N0v

First day report duty at PEJABAT MARA NEGERI SABAH. At that day brifing happen and introduction about the Organization chart, Company background. beside that at when i report duty, i feel nervous and scared. That day also i was put at reception and learn how to answer the phone from the customer. Iwas teach by the Madam Irene and Miss Floria how to answerwith the suitable words...

Day 2 like usually i go to work at 72o am. And still sit at Reception.

Day 3 i have a new job that i was key in the data at the system. firstly i think i cannot do the task and think negative that i cannot finish that task. But atthe evening i complete my task to key in the data in the system...

Day 4, at morning i given the same job like the day 3. but after rest time i have a new task that i do some checking for the administartor work.

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